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My Story

Hello! My name is Pony (at least it is while I am dressed!). I am a crossdresser/femboy who loves to dress up all pretty and feminine!

My story started when I was a teenager. I used to dog sit for a local couple (the wife was incredibly pretty, and I had a huge crush on her). One evening, I sneaked up to the couple's bedroom and had a rummage through the underwear drawers. At this time, I already had a massive fascination with stockings, suspenders, and anything lace-like! Well, long story short, I took those stockings and suspenders home with me and started to wear them myself under my everyday clothes, enjoying every moment they were on!

As I got older, my obsessions grew, and I found myself enjoying myself while I was dressed up in female clothes. I started "borrowing" my mom's underwear, skirts, and crop tops. Being an only child, I got excited every Friday when my parents went out to do the weekly grocery shop; this gave me a few hours a week to dress up in the family home when no one was around! It gave me the biggest rush ever, probably because I knew they could be home at any moment!

My fascination with dressing as a female soon included make-up, growing my hair out, women's fashion. However, as you can imagine, things turned for the better when I moved into my own place once I hit 18! It was during this time that my love for Bondage/BDSM ran riot! I got myself into self-bondage, introduced myself to gags, restraints, and whips, and always fantasised about being the damsel in distress that I used to see in all those adult movies!

However, it didn’t end there; while I was discovering the darker side of BDSM, my love for latex, PVC, and rubber grew strong. I brought my first latex dress, which I worse for hours, so long that I was dripping with sweat! I then purchased a number of latex outfits, and after a few months my wardrobes were 75% full of women's clothes!

Following on from my love for latex, I later discovered the incredible world of pet and pony play, I purchased more latex, bite gags, cute ears, the lot! Which, as you can guess, is how the name Pony came about!

I then began to discover websites and forums for these kinks and started to get the urge to share Pony with the world! However, at this stage I was mostly masked, as I had minimal confidence in my feminine appearance. It was at this point that I really upped my game in becoming as feminine as I possibly could!

I started small and brought myself a basic make-up set and a wig (which I at the time stuffed socked into a sports bra) before later investing in a breastplate. I finally felt like I was getting there. I started to receive compliments via social media, and I had guys hitting on me, thinking I was actually a female! It was the best feeling ever! It was this confidence that led me to become Pony in the real world, first to the local shops and walks through town, and later to being able to enjoy drinks at a bar!

My journey, of course, involved so much more than this short insight; I went through a lot of pain and misery to get here, and I spent too many hours to count researching how I could become more feminine! Learning make-up techniques, buying the correct outfits, But it was all worth it!
For each of us, the journey to discovering our feminine side begins differently. Starting on this journey is difficult and often accompanied by feelings of apprehension and caution. Some of us begin to believe that our interest in looking and acting feminine is wrong or naughty. As a result, simply seeking assistance or advice can be overwhelming. Many people make poor decisions due to a lack of knowledge or preparation. These can accumulate over time and leave you in a situation that is very different from what you expected.


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